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How safe is the Welock smart lock?

Advanced Encryption Technology #

At the heart of Welock’s security is its advanced encryption technology. Using banking-grade encryption, Welock ensures that each interaction with the lock is not only encrypted but also uniquely protected. This approach makes every communication distinct, significantly enhancing the overall security.

Independent Security Certification #

To maintain the highest standards, Welock’s Smart Lock is subject to annual inspections and certifications by an independent security agency. This regular assessment ensures the lock system is always up to date with the latest security standards.

Secure Network Transmission #

The app employs HTTPS for network transmission, ensuring a secure and encrypted connection for all data transfers. This is crucial in maintaining the confidentiality of user data.

Robust Data Encryption #

Key information, including user details and lock cylinder data, is securely encrypted using MD5 and AES algorithms. This level of encryption ensures that, even if the data is somehow accessed, the actual information remains secure and unreadable.

Secure Login Process #

Access to the app is guarded by a secure login process. Users must provide either an account number and password or an account number and verification code. This process ensures that only authorized individuals can access the app.

Dynamic Lock Commands #

Each command to the lock triggers a change in the lock cylinder, adding another layer of security to the system.

Bluetooth Command Encryption #

Bluetooth commands are also encrypted using AES, safeguarding the communication and ensuring the confidentiality of the transmitted information.

Welock’s commitment to security is unwavering. These stringent measures guarantee a safe and reliable experience for all users of their smart lock and app. For those with further inquiries or concerns, Welock welcomes open communication.

Thank you for choosing Welock for your security needs. With Welock, you’re not just installing a smart lock; you’re ensuring peace of mind.

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