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Can I use the Welock Smart lock independently without binding it to the app?

Welock smart lock is designed for versatile use, offering standalone functionality as well as integration with our user-friendly app. Key features, such as basic settings, password configuration, and RFID card additions, can be conveniently operated directly on the lock itself.

While the lock can function independently from the app, we strongly recommend binding it to the app for an enhanced experience. This is particularly important for utilizing the USB emergency unlock feature, which requires a connection to a power bank and subsequent unlocking through the app.

It’s crucial to note that the USB emergency system and the regular system operate separately, providing a dual-layered protection mechanism for heightened security. This two-tiered approach ensures that your lock is equipped with advanced security measures, offering you peace of mind in every use.

For optimal functionality and security, we encourage users to take advantage of the app’s additional features and the USB emergency unlock option, creating a comprehensive and secure smart lock system.

Should you have any inquiries or require assistance, feel free to contact us. Thank you for choosing our smart lock solution!

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